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Location: Melba

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satsuma mandarin (Grafted) 10/10

Yum's Edible Fruits
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Mandarin Silverhill (a satsuma selection) grafted onto a troyer citrange rootstock.

This is an almost pest free, small tree with fragrant flowers and delicious seedless fruit.  It's frost hardy and fruits early which makes it an excellent choice for Canberra.  The fruit is so good that I'm surprised i have never seen satsuma mandarins in the shops (or even one satsuma mandarin tree).  They look a lot like small tangelos.

Our tree has survived being almost ringbarked twice by our pet rabbit and drought.  However, last season i watered it regularly, and consequently had an excellent crop of good sized fruit.

I am looking forward to more vigorous growth once the bark has fully regrown. 

I'm not really sure when i planted it.  1999 is just a good guess, but probably earlier.

Fruiting Months March and April

Planted: 1999

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Autumn

Pollination: No

Fertiliser or Organics Used: varies, compost, rabbit manure and urine, possum manure, cow manure, blood and bone with potash, proprietary organic fertilisers and i have used osmocote citrus food some years ago.

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control:

0ccasionally i have seen leaf miner and i simply removed the affected leaves.  I remove most orchard butterfly caterpillars, leaving one or two for interest.  Rabbit mesh kept the rabbit at bay.  Scale is removed by hand.


If I plant other varieties of satsuma mandarins or other citrus, will i get seeds in my mandarins? 

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