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Mitchyb's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/08/10 Updated: 15/08/10 Frost:
Location: Jandakot

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Dwarf Apple - Pink Lady (Grafted) 9/10

Mitchyb's Edible Fruits
Update: 4989 days 13hrs

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I LOVE this apple! Compared to those in the supermarkets, nothing even comes close! I remember the first apple I ate from this tree. It was a dark pink, as I  bit into it I felt the juices dribbling down my mouth, and a burst of flavour delivered to my senses. Total extasy! The sweetness, with a hint of tartness, and the power and flavour of a hundred store bought apples, meant that I spent the entire afternoon, gauging myself on every apple on the tree!

This tree is the one that started it all for me. I now have five apple, five pear, two plum, two peach, one nectarine, five passionfruit, ten grapes, six citrus, two cherry, three gauva, two mulberry and four olives! This tree started an obsession.

Fruiting Months January, February, March

Planted: 2006

Height 1.5 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Fruit Harvest: 30 Fruit Per Year

First Fruited: 2 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Water Given in: Summer and Winter

Pruned By: 20% in Spring

Pollination: Cross Pollination

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control:

Fruit fly traps. (Home made)

Organic Status:Organic


Why have you dwarfed this variety? It should be grown to its full potental!!

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