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Joined: 17/08/10 Updated: 13/09/11 Frost:
Location: WARRIMOO

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lentildude says... [3415 days 11hrs ago]

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Lentildude Forum Contributions
Pistachio1 - I bought them at a fruit shop in Bondi junction. They are in fruit shops every Jan. Work out to 10c a seed!..1001 days 12hrs
Pistachio1 - One of my Pistachio seeds from the fruit shop sprouted! Need a couple more to sprout, then have to figure out if I have a male and female tree!!..1006 days 9hrs
Pistachio1 - Bought some fresh pitashio seeds from fruit shop in Bondi Junction. Will try to sprout them in the greenhouse...1050 days 14hrs
Dekopon in australia - Nice! My 5 yo Sumo is 3 foot high and bush and never had flowers!..1190 days 15hrs
Pistachio1 - Thanks for reminding me. I am waiting for Harris farm to have fresh seeds to sprout...1244 days 14hrs

pig weed (Cutting) 9/10

Lentildude's Edible Fruits
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Pig weed or miners lettuce (purlane) is a stemmy succulent type plant that is eaten raw and makes a great lettuce substitute in salads. Grows so easy its foolproof and saves you heaps of money . ie once you start growing it you will find it selfseeds and you have a lifetime supply of a nutricious salad green. I never even water it, never seed save it and I still have plenty to eat each summer.

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

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