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Joined: 18/08/10 Updated: 18/08/10 Frost:
Location: Underwood

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Elisabeth says... [5032 days 14hrs ago]
Firstly it is so much cheaper than buying from shops. It is also a very satisfying growing, picking and eating from your own garden. My grandson, who is 3 is my biggest helper. I am converting the next generation into home vegie/fruit growers.

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Ceylon spinach. (Seedling) 1/10

Elisabeth's Edible Fruits
Update: 5032 days 14hrs

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It is so easy to grow. A very vigorous and hardy vine. I started from seeds that were sown directly into the warm soil. We eat the tender shoots and leaves cooked in all sorts of dishes and raw in salads or on sandwiches.

I was first introduced to this plant when my children were little & we lived in Tonga. I took cuttings from a friends vine while in Fiji & when I got back to my own little garden in Tonga I simlpy stuck the cuttings into the soil. At that time I didnt know what the vine was really called. We just called it climbing spinach. When I came to Australia to live I wanted to plant some more but couldnt find it anywhere. I then knew that it had to have another name. So many years later when I was introduced to the internet I started my search all over again. I googled under all different headings to no avail. I then decided I would ask some nurserys to send me catalogues in the hope that I would spot a picture of my coverted vine.

It was in a Green Harvest Organic gardening resource guide that I thought I saw what looked like my vine. I cant tell you how thrilled I was to finally track down these seeds. My first purchase was for 5 packets, just in case something went wrong with my first lot of seedlings. True to form, with this extremly hardy vine, every single seed sprung to life!

I have since harvested my own seeds from the little red berries that come out in winter. I dried the seeds/berries out & have shared them with anyone that loves to grow their own vegies. I have also taken cuttings off my vines & shared them with friends as well. I have sent my harvested seeds to family & friends in other states of Australia trying hard to convert them into home vegie growers as this is the ideal plant to start with as very little care & attention is needed once it has taken off.

I know that Daley's deals in fruit & nut trees etc. and I have fruit and nut trees in abundance along with my vegies, but this wonderful vine is truely my all time favourite, so to make a story up about any other plant in my garden just wouldnt be true to me.


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