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Bernadette1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 23/08/10 Updated: 23/08/10 Frost: Low
Location: Woodford, NSW, Australia

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Berry - Youngberry 8/10

Why Bernadette1 wants it: -

I have just purchased three youngberries from your nursery , it is a fruit that hasbeen on my wishlist for several years now. I first tasted youngberries at a family picnic in December 2008, they had been grown by my brother in Queanbeyan and they were absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I can only describe them as a giant blackberry, rasberry, mulberry fusion. The fruits were large  and sweet and a little bit tart , I imagine they will make a really lovely jam or pie filling. Until now we have always gone blackberrying in summer to get our filll of a luscious sweet berry, but now that I have youngberries growing, here\'s hoping for a bumper crop of our own .....without the thorns. Younberries will be a seasonal treat that will be much anticipated every year.

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