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Location: bundaberg

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Guava - Strawberry (Grafted) 9/10

Whyfour's Edible Fruits
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When I was a kid we used to visit my great Aunt in AUckland and can remember sneaking to the front yard to pinch her guavas,eating them straight off the tree. She used to make incredible guava jelly . A clear dusky pink color and so sweet it made your salivary glands hurt.

When we moved to bundaberg one of the first fruit trees we planted was guava. . Last year we had a bumper group  and yes they were as wonderful as I remembered. A tart but sweet flavour. I know it sounds stupid but I reccon you can taste the Vitamin C. Your mouth feels fresh and clean afterwards. We made our guava jelly ,a little cloudy to be perfect but we will get better. Tasted great though.

This year the fruit were bigger and not nearly as numerous. The Bats  Birds and Possum didnt leave enough for jam ,just nibbles. We are planting more guava trees so in coming yars the animals will leave us more.

It stands 4-5 metres We have prunned the bottom branches from the tree and in summer it protects our raised garden beds from the heat of the sun. It is a striking tree, the leaves being a rich gren with smooth bark ,a reddy brown colour.  When the flowers are out there are little bees with blue bottoms that buzz around pollinating.

Over all a pretty tree with yummy fruit that encourages wildlife and beneficial bugs.


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