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Greg's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 18/08/09 Frost:
Location: Kyogle

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Greg Forum Contributions
Seeking advice on cordylines - Hi Michelle, I am not familiar with all those cordylines. There are a lot of beautiful ones available these days. Most of them are similar in growing requirements, main difference is their colour. Unfortunately we don't have any of these at Daleys. A lin..3529 days 1hrs
Daleys wampidiseased on delivery - Hi Starling, Greg here from Daleys, I just went and had a quick look at some of their mates and it looks like some old two spotted might damage on older leaves. Nothing to be concerned about as they exist in the nursery at low numbers and usually are cont..3900 days 16hrs
Avocado rootstock seed - Thanks Rev and Brendan, Strong growing seedlings that have proven themselves is usually what we use as a rootstock. Reed has proven itself as a suitable rootstock, but have had no proven history for Hass seedlings. I have sourced a good supply for this ye..5090 days 15hrs
Dead - Hi Sheila, ylang ylangs are very cold senstitive. Probably the only real hope of success in Victoria would be in a greenhouse to generate some warmth and protect from frosts. Very challenging and frustrating at the same time trying to succeed with a ylang..5423 days 14hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Not all flowers turn into fruit, so it is quiet normal for a lot of the flowers to abort. The fruit that has set should be sprayed with a copper fungicide to protect them from Anthracnose. With regards to Fruit Fly, you could use Naturalure to control fru..6064 days 17hrs

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