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Pete1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 06/09/10 Updated: 06/09/10 Frost:
Location: Largs Bay

About My Edible Backyard

Why Pete1 Love's Edible Plants

Mainly for the taste - so much better than shop bought ffuit and vegies. My rewards are picking the first fruit or vegie and enjoying that tase while thinking I grew that. The soil here is very sandy but with 7 years of hard work and trailer loads of horse, sheep and cow manure (thank god for freinds with farms) we are changing it into a nice looking loam. The rainfall here is about 550mm mainly in winter,spring.


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Loquat - Nagasakiwase (Grafted) 9/10

Pete1's Edible Fruits
Update: 5015 days 7hrs

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I like this plant as it not only provides fruit but also some much needed summer shade for the garden. Also it is 1 of my wife's favourite fruits so I gained some good Brownie points by planting it for her as a birthday surprise.

It has been in for 2 years now, started about 30 cm high and is now close to 1.5 m high.

Planted: 2008

Height 1.5 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Fruit Harvest: 2 kilograms per Year

First Fruited: 2 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Winter

Pruned By: 10% in After Fruiting

When I Fertilise: Winter and Spring

Pest Control:

Only some horticultural oils when needed, generally though it is very tough and resilient.

Organic Status:Organic

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