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Brizzie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/09/10 Updated: 15/09/10 Frost:
Location: Beaudesert

About My Edible Backyard

Why Brizzie Love's Edible Plants

I am a fan of the permaculture type of garden where everything you plant should be multi purpose.  If not edible to humans, why not grow something for the wildlife or for chook fodder or to provide mulch for the garden.  I live on a suburban block but have many, many fruit trees which provide food, summer shade, bird habitat, playgrounds for grandchildren, perfume and beauty.  At the very least every backyard should have a lemon tree and I will often give an edible tree as a housewarming gift.

I am fortunate that I have a northfacing sloping block so I have my evergreen trees to the east, west and south and deciduous trees to the north to allow for winter sun.  It is frost free, drains well and has good soil. 


My biggest challenge is low rainfall but this is overcome by using tank water, copious amounts of mulch and organic matter and the use of swales to direct any rainfall where needed.  Fruit fly is also a challenge but I try to practice good garden hygiene and use baits.

I find it immensely rewarding to take my two year old grandsons around the garden to pick food.  It is amazing how they learn to eat green things they pick themselves that they had previously rejected at home.


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Jaboticaba 10/10

Brizzie's Edible Fruits
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Jaboticaba is a terrific fruit tree for the home garden for many reasons.  It has an abundance of luscious fruit cannily hidden from scavenging birds as the fruit grows on the branches.  It is a particularly good "grazing" tree for children.  The fruit is sweet and juicy - between a grape and a lychee in flavour - and is not something you will find at the fruit shop.  It makes a wonderful screen so would be a great tree to share with the neighbours.  The branches are not so visible but have an attractive white bark.  It needs very little maintenance and the fruit seems to be untroubled by fruit fly or any other pests.  I have never pruned mine and it is a lovely dense shape,

If there is a negative it is the fact that it may take a few years before the first crop but it more than makes up for that once it starts to bear with heaps of fruit in spring and autumn.  There is also a short time between blossom and fruit.  Mine are still green but will be a beautiful dark purple within a couple of weeks.

Another bonus is that a bowl of freshly picked fruit is always a welcome gift.  Many people have never tried them but when they do they are hooked.

I wouldn't be without a jaboticaba in my garden.

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says... [4968 days 23hrs ago]

says... [4968 days 23hrs ago]
Good info Brizzie!
Prab410 says... [1648 days 24hrs ago]
Looks really nice. Would you consider selling a few pieces of scion wood from your already fruiting Jabo next time you prune the trees so that I can graft onto my 2 year old? Here in cold Melbourne, this is taking even longer than average fruiting age. Thanks Pra

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