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DaleysInfo Forum Contributions
Krasuey sapodilla1 - We are "e;Seeking Propagation material"e; on this item. So if you know anyone that can help us out please be in touch. Plants like this may never become available again until we find someone with the correct propagation material to propagate again..2461 days 24hrs
Chill hours in fruit trees low chill high chill - Hi Cheryl 300-350 chill hours is considered low chill and likely something that you would get in most places on the Gold Coast. For Fruit Trees it means the time the temperature is spent below 7 degrees. Here is a blog on the topic that goes into a lot mo..2504 days 22hrs
Fathers day vouchers - Vouchers expire after 12 months: Full features and FAQ can be found on the Gift voucher page here: http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Fruit-Tree-Gift-Vouchers-Australia.htm..2805 days 0hrs
Flowering kwan mango - Hi Scott, You need to cut off your flowers. With grafted plants they think they are 10+ years old ready to fruit however they need to put on new branches and leaf growth. If you leave the flowers on in the first 2 years you are going to stunt the growt..2811 days 24hrs
Phalsa plant dead - Hi Samreen, Phalsa are deciduous so yes it is normal for them o have no leaves at this time of the year. ..2918 days 18hrs

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Pawpaws10 - Why do my pawpaws rot before they are fully ripe?..Liked Answer 3120 days 22hrs

Mango - Bowen Seedling 10/10

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