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Joined: 13/05/08 Updated: 13/05/08 Frost: None
Location: Melbourne

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Lady finger banana - They look great John hope they will ripen b4 winter for you i think mine will be ready by mid spring going by how long yours have taken to grow waiting in anticipation is half the fun as well. Eddie..3011 days 9hrs
Lady finger banana - Thx again i will take some photos in the next few weeks and get an update what to do cant stress enough the appreciation Eddie..3013 days 1hrs
Lady finger banana - This is a pic i took yesterday about 3 hands are producing tiny bananas does this mean that they the male flowers have started and if i leave them a few hands on can i still eat them. Cheers Eddie..3014 days 3hrs
Sugar cane1 - http://cgi.ebay.com.au/WORLDS-TALLEST-SUGAR-CANE-ORGANIC-45-SEEDS-giant-RARE-/160516905909?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255f8d9bb5 I found this on Ebay do you think will be ok Eddie..3018 days 5hrs
Sugar cane1 - Where abouts did you get yours from Peter i tried a website as on an above post but dont sell them. Or if anyone has any that can send me would be great pay for the postage and goods Cheers Eddie..3018 days 5hrs
Sugar cane1 - Thx Jantina i have dealt with Green Harvest Before so i will give them a try just growing it for novelty as well and a bit of a chew on the cane. ..3018 days 6hrs
Sugar cane1 - Ok thx will look into it i know where the organic section is so will take a look next time iam there Thx..3018 days 12hrs
Sugar cane1 - Thx i need to get a hold of some so i can do that or seeds i dont mind if i have start from seed..3019 days 1hrs
Sugar cane1 - Hi can anyone suggest to me who sells edible sugar cane seeds any help would be great like websites so forth. Thought ild give it a go yes i do live in Melb but have an encloser for tropical plants Thx..3019 days 2hrs
Banana2 - Hey Grali iam in Melbourne too and as said need alot of water but if you mean wilting as in the leaves flap back but still erect in a way thats just the plant not needing any more sun so it closes back its (photosynthesis) the plant controls hoe much sun ..3025 days 8hrs
Cocoa propagation - I have become interested in growing a Cocoa tree if anyone can tell me where to buy the seeds to start i tried ebay but no luck even if anyone is selling or can let me know a website to get them or a small plant or if someone wants to sell i live in Melbo..3027 days 3hrs
Lady finger banana - Hi Snottiegobble i have a dwarf cavendish and left the 1st pup on it i thought after a while that it would be sucking energy from the mother plant but after 2 summer as mentioned it flowered but i always cleared the other pups that were emerging. Goodluck..3027 days 22hrs
Lady finger banana - Just a question my bananas are doing well on the hand that is opening up at the moment you can see in the pictures that the fruit is very small if any just beginning to give just the little flowers does this mean its at the end of the fruiting cycle and i..3030 days 6hrs
Lady finger banana - Hi John they are looking nice mate hopefully they will ripen soon good to know about the fertilise issue i am giving it 1 watering can with seasol every week and watering when required so i think that should be enough for the time being...3034 days 4hrs
Lady finger banana - Hi John its the second summer and at the moment there is 5 hands and approx 18 bananas on each hand as per the pictures the first bananas that opened approx 10 days ago seem to be going a light green is this normal the ones i see are dark green the variet..3036 days 4hrs

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