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John42's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/01/11 Updated: 17/01/11 Frost:
Location: sydney

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John42 Forum Contributions
Whats this fruit - Do you think their going to eat them if they don't know what they are? MAD if they do!..2510 days 6hrs
My little experiment - Can you elaborate a bit on what the liver is supposed to achieve and how. Just seems like a waste of good beef liver to me. I'd get a better result with liver with a fry pan and onion gravy...2513 days 1hrs
Plant id help - OK, Thanks for that BJ & Mike..2542 days 2hrs
Plant id help - OK, When in Australia...blah blah blah. While we're on the subject of large & small leaf Jaboticaba's, can you tell me what difference there is in the fruit of the 2..2542 days 12hrs
Plant id help - OK, I just call em the big leaf & small leaf Jab..2542 days 22hrs
Bottling apples - Try a GOOGLE search..2543 days 1hrs
Plant id help - And a Grimal & Sabara are??..2543 days 1hrs
Plant id help - My Jab took 9yrs to fruit Jenny, but it never got any special treatment tho..2543 days 6hrs
Plant id help - Hi Jenny, My Jaboticaba is about 12 yrs old and the biggest leaves on it are about 40 x 15mm. So going by that, I'd say your's is the large leaf Jab. By the way, my Jab is flowering ATM Cheers Ken ..2543 days 8hrs
Organic carrots - Geez! 6.4/6.5 I wouldn't worry about the difference..2615 days 2hrs
Organic carrots - G/day fella's Here's a link for the optimum PH for Vegs I hope you find it helpful > http://www.humeseeds.com/soilph.htm ..2615 days 13hrs
Worm feast - You might have to make sure you don't put any tomato in the bucket Brendan, the worms might decide to cut out the middle man and go for em straight off the bush..:)..2672 days 2hrs
Worm feast - Sounds good Brendan, cheaper as well..Much cheape. MaryT I'd say the proper wormfeast ones are designed to be put in the ground and left there, not moved around, hence Brendans idea with the tapered bucket, it can be easily pulled outa the ground and ..2680 days 10hrs
Worm feast - That's the way to go, I don't put mine in the ground very deep, and keep moving them around my trees. That's about all the feeding they get plus keeping them watered & mulched. ..2681 days 7hrs
Worm feast - G/day Brendan, You should be able to make your own mate. Cut the bottom out of a big ole plastic pot and find something for a lid, you can glue some fly screen on the inside to cover the old drain holes. I haven't covered the holes on mine because I've..2682 days 9hrs

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