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John42's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/04/11 Updated: 14/05/11 Frost:
Location: sydney

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John42 Forum Contributions
Whats this fruit - Do you think their going to eat them if they don't know what they are? MAD if they do!..2750 days 9hrs
My little experiment - Can you elaborate a bit on what the liver is supposed to achieve and how. Just seems like a waste of good beef liver to me. I'd get a better result with liver with a fry pan and onion gravy...2753 days 4hrs
Plant id help - OK, Thanks for that BJ & Mike..2782 days 4hrs
Plant id help - OK, When in Australia...blah blah blah. While we're on the subject of large & small leaf Jaboticaba's, can you tell me what difference there is in the fruit of the 2..2782 days 14hrs
Plant id help - OK, I just call em the big leaf & small leaf Jab..2783 days 1hrs

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