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Growandtell's Edible Backyard

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multiple reasons


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Growandtell Forum Contributions
Dwarf mulberry pruning question - If you prune in Winter, the tree should have less milky sap oozing from the cut. After clipping the main trunk, you may be able to cut it into lengths and pot each one in Spring to hopefully get them to root and thus start more plants. Even if your plant ..3444 days 6hrs
Ants in nectarine fruit - I have been using a couple rings of sticky paper ('masking') tape wrapped around fruit tree trunks to stop the crawling bugs from reaching fruit or tender leaves. Many kinds of bugs, including ants, get their multiple feet stuck on the tape when it is s..3743 days 6hrs
New grafter - The mango seedlings that germinate in the compost pile may grow up to half a meter in height before Winter's certain freeze kills them each year here in the Houston area. If one of them ever survives as low as 25 degrees f., I would begin to give it prot..3750 days 21hrs
Grape - Have you eaten muscadines before? If not, could you try to locate any growers there that would let you sample some different varieties? If you wanted to grow any and could not find plants, I could mail seeds in a month or so from here. My vines grow well ..3758 days 21hrs
Drumstick tree - Afsariq- I typed and sent a wordy reply to your request on June 26. Since I did not see the reply posted, I am wondering if you received it. Please advise...3773 days 21hrs

Peach - Tropic Snow (Grafted) 10/10

Growandtell's Edible Fruits
Update: 3750 days 21hrs

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multiple reasons-  taste, size, smell,reliability, freestone, low maintenance

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 3

Pollination: Self Pollination

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