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Humusbeings's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/10/11 Updated: 16/10/11 Frost:

About My Edible Backyard

Why Humusbeings Love's Edible Plants

Fremantle sand, salty air, Perth summers.

Many potted edibles and many natives and edibles in the ground, too.


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Humusbeings Forum Contributions
Ants in pots - You can stick some to sticky tape and send to ag dept pests and disease section...2895 days 11hrs
Ants in pots - It depends on the type of ants you have. Do some have big heads and the nest in paving? Or are they small and dark and smell when squashed? ..2895 days 12hrs
Vanilla orchid - I just bought a good sized vanilla vine today down at my local farmer's market and a chocolate tree too. The vanilla is a good score and I'm feeling hopeful that it will grow as long as we spoil it a bit through Perth summer. Eep. I suspect the Theobrom..3347 days 19hrs
Gardening in perth sands - I was told by someone who knows their stuff the other day that the bentonite used for kitty litter is likely to have a lot of bad salts in it as it is a sodium bentonite... maybe check the labels before using it. The soil additives will be more reliable a..3382 days 19hrs

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