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Miracle fruit - let me ammend my statement.....i now have 6 healthy seedlings about 3" to 4" tall ad have planted 12 more seeds.... i have found out that it just takes patience. ..3661 days 10hrs
Miracle fruit - i have tried to plant the seeds in a "jiffy greehhouse pot" (home depo). i have 2 wierd looling sprouts out of 18 seeds so for. is that normal? what do the sprouts suppose to look like, mine look like a small stem with no leaves. i got my seeds from my ..3679 days 10hrs

Miracle Fruit 9/10

Hardy's Edible Fruits
Update: 3679 days 10hrs

Comments: -

uniqueness, wierdness, fun fruit

Height 3.5 Feet

Growing: In a Pot

First Fruited: 2 Years from Seed

Sun/Shade: Low Sun


i am using a "jiffy greenhouse" to plant my mirical fruit seeds. i only have 2 out of 18 sprouted. the sprouts look like a small stem with out any leaves so for, about 1/2" tall. is that normal? when do i transplant to larger pot? should i expect better results? is there any thing special i need to do to the seeds prior to planting. i first tried to soak some in a wet paper towel for about a week, didn't do. then i just placed some in the window sill for a few days to dry. these are the ones i have in plant now, they look a little moldy, but so do the ones that sprouted.

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