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RachSEMelbourne1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/07/13 Updated: 22/07/13 Frost: None
Location: Frankston

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RachSEMelbourne1 Forum Contributions
Sick sapote - Really? Great. Thanks Jason. I've been expecting it to die any day now :) guess I didn't consider dormancy since everything else in the yard has sprouted. Will let you know if it doesn't look better in a few weeks. Should I fertilise it soon?..2065 days 22hrs
Sick sapote - Hi all, I bought a Kampong sapote a few months ago from Daleys. I would have put it in the ground (in melbourne) a few days later. The orange tree pictured I bought from daleys at the same time. They are right next to each other in the garden. The ora..2065 days 23hrs
Rare fruit swapsale in melbourne southeast1 - Hi, I'm thinking about buying an inga edulis. Just wondering if people have had luck growing them in and around Melbourne? I know Glowinski says yes, but I don't have his talent :) Also, I haven't eaten one but they SOUND delicious. Do they live up..2152 days 19hrs
Watering with hot water - Thanks Brain, that was my fear too! Perhaps worth doing with warm water, but seems like a lot of trouble for not much gain. I shall stick to mirrors and heat sinks :)..2154 days 23hrs
Watering with hot water - Hi all, Am new to the growing of subtropical (and maybe tropicals). I heard through a strange version of chinese whispers that watering with hot water can help these plants survive colder winters and flower and fruit. Has anyone tried this? Would welcom..2155 days 21hrs

Basil - Sweet (Seedling)

RachSEMelbourne1's Edible Fruits
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