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Michele Starts With's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/12/12 Updated: 04/01/13 Frost:
Location: MAIDA VALE

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Mulberry varieties - There is a WA old cultivar of mulberry not available in nurseries, with medium sized amazing tasting almost round fruit. It fruits better in cooler areas. Unlike the more familiar Hicks and shahtoots it fruits in january-feb, for a month in cool areas and..2003 days 18hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hi, can anyone identify this banana please? I have researched and come across some photos close to it which are of the Bluggoe type but would be grateful if anyone can ID positively. Thank you..2068 days 17hrs
Chinese artichokes stachys affinis or crosnes - I have been looking for chinese artichokes for the last 24 years. So far no luck locally an nurseries in other states will not send to WA,. Can anyone help me please. Thanks. Michele..2592 days 22hrs

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Banana varieties were missing out - look very much like Bluggoe ..Liked Answer 2015 days 23hrs

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