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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022Gardening AustraliaJuicy MangoAstringent and non-astringent varieties

TheCrabShack1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/09/13 Updated: 25/09/13 Frost:
Location: OLD BAR

About My Edible Backyard

Why TheCrabShack1 Love's Edible Plants

We moved a year ago.  The rule of the garden - All plants must be edible or must be beneficial in health of ourselves or the garden.  The ground was clay, unhealthy and terrible.  A year later after feeding with compost and poo as well as ground breaker and tending, the garden beds are full of worms and happy healthy plants.  It took very little time to start producing crops to consume though.  We save so much money by eating from our own garden.  When cooking meals we "shop" in our own garden.  You can't get fresher.  We live on the coast by the sea on the NSW mid North Coast.  The whole yard will be planted out so aspect is NSEW.  Our house is North facing though.


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TheCrabShack1 Forum Contributions
Dekopon in australia - If anyone out there has trees or seeds to sell please email on atbarnesat2@gmail.com. Would appreciate very much. Tracy..4158 days 18hrs
Dwarf avacado trees - Hello. Can you please advise what dwarf varieties of persimmon, avocado can I grow at Old Bar on the east Coast of NSW. What is the best variety of blueberry and low chill dwarf pears. Of these fruits do any of them require two for pollination and frui..4468 days 22hrs

Basil - Sweet (Seedling) 9/10

TheCrabShack1's Edible Fruits
Update: 3950 days 13hrs

Comments: - Wonder spring summer herb.  Bruscetta time!  Pesto and so on.  Easy to grow and looks lovely.  Grew it last year without any issues.

Fruiting Months January, February, March, October, November, December

Planted: 2012

Height 1 metres

Growing: In the Ground

First Fruited: 1 Months from Purchase in Pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Spring

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