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Ron's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: South Grafton

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ron Forum Contributions
Black sapote not growing - Katrine, I have a few excess fruit on a very large tree here in Grafton, email me on rbriggs@aapt.net.au and I can give you my address..3017 days 21hrs
Black sapote not growing - All my fruit trees only get water when it rains, I have heavy clay soil, but my B.S fruits every year, some years the fruit is as large as a rock melon, so when the fruit rippens on the tree, it can be dangerous walking under the 6 to 7 meter high tree, a..3154 days 6hrs
Black sapote not growing - I have had fruit split after heavy rain but doesn't do it too often, same thing happens with my custard apples, but I have increased the water when it's been in flower, so it's accustomed to the heavy rain when the fruit matures, but didn't work last ..3421 days 0hrs
Black sapote not growing - I have a tree here in Grafton possibly 5 years old bears fruit every year,and it's as tall as the house, I pick the fruit and take it inside to rippen (when it goes brown and soft and sqishy) cut it in half sprinkle sugar or sweetener over it, I admit i..3817 days 5hrs
Wolf berries - originally grew my plants from seeds I obtained from dried goji berries I bought on ebay in May 2007, the plants are now rambling tall growths up to 2.4m high and I am getting my first lot of flowers -- so they are nearly 3 years old if anybody is interes..3981 days 6hrs

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