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Ross's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/07 Updated: 26/11/07 Frost:
Location: Balmoral

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ross Forum Contributions
Garcinia fruits needed for research - Email me to discuss yellow mangosteen. I have a large 30 year old fruiting tree in Brisbane suburbia. Mapline1@optusnet.com.au..949 days 18hrs
Yellow mangosteen - Hi Ollie Email me so we can discuss offline Mapline1@optusnet.com.au ..949 days 22hrs
Yellow bourbon coffee tree - Yellow bourban coffee tree now producing after 18 months purchased as a seedling from Daleys...1163 days 19hrs
Yellow bourbon coffee tree - Coffee tree purchased from Daleys 12 months ago as a 10cm seedling. This specimen has grown like a weed and about to send out massive number of flowers...1385 days 18hrs
Fruit protection from hendra bats - Exclusion is the only proven method. Follow the example of commercial growers. All depends on the size of tree. I have a KP bearing 30 fruit that I have kept to 3m and built an igloo shaped frame from 25mm electrical conduit. I have purchased commercial q..1631 days 17hrs
Bisexual pawpaw1 - I recently purchased several bisexual red pawpaws from Bunnings ($10ea) to fill rare vacant spots in the garden. Now that they have progressed to flowering stage one of them is about to produce male flowers. Do I sacrifice this one and replace with a new ..1665 days 22hrs
Our beloved birds other wildlife - Tawny frog-mouth perfectly camouflaged against the avocado branch no more than 4 metres from the back deck of our house in suburban Brisbane...1674 days 8hrs
Avocado bacon tree - Hi Markmelb What is your potting mix/fertillizer to achieve such lush growth in smallish pots? Due to lack of available spots in my garden that gets enough sun Iím now resorting to pot culture for blueberries, dwarf limes, figs & palmer mango. I have gon..1677 days 9hrs
Grumichama fruiting problem1 - The tree is in morning sun shaded from 1pm by an avocado tree during summer with more light exposure during winter from north facing sun. Soil quality has been built up over the years with lots of compost and manures...1678 days 13hrs
Grumichama fruiting problem1 - I also have the same problem with my grumichama which is 20 years old - beautiful healthy tree trimmed back to 3m height 3m diameter. This specimen flowers profusely every year and fruit sets then falls off. Iíve only ever had a crop of 50 - 150 in a frui..1687 days 9hrs
Virus free banana tree enquiry - I have been growing 2 small patches of lady finger banana trees successfully for the past 8 years on a suburban block in Brisbane however over the past 18 months the trees have wilted and new pups get to a half size then die back and are partly black in t..1702 days 10hrs
Avocado pruning advice2 - Thanks Brendan - yes possum scent trails resulted in the top half of branches to completely rot away not to mention leaves being decimated. I have now resorted to netting...1713 days 19hrs
Avocado pruning advice2 - I have recently given my Wurtz avocado a heavy prune because of possum damage. It has now started regrowth and I need advice on further trimming the large branches back to new growth and whether to sacrifice shoots that are coming from under the branch. I..1713 days 20hrs
Star apple in season - Donít waste your time trying to grow from seed as you may have to wait for years to crop and production may be variable. Buy a grafted or cutting grown plant with good soil preparation with plenty of compost. I have a 25 year old tree in Brisbane suburbia..1782 days 8hrs
Avocado tree fresh horse manure - Thanks all for your helpful advice. I have pulled the manure away and given plenty of water and diluted seaweed today with a trip to the hardware tomorrow for gypsum and zinc sulphate. Yes Jason our 2 other trees partly drop leaves at this time of year. T..1790 days 8hrs

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