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fruit protection from hendra bats

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UndaToka starts with ...
what is an effective way to keep hendra bats off my mangoes?
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jiggi nsw
31st December 2014 12:49pm
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Ross says...
Exclusion is the only proven method. Follow the example of commercial growers. All depends on the size of tree. I have a KP bearing 30 fruit that I have kept to 3m and built an igloo shaped frame from 25mm electrical conduit. I have purchased commercial quality netting 5mm and 1mm on Ebay and draped over. Flying foxes & possums have given up. If your tree is large exclusion bags for individual fruit will work but you need to monitor ripening. As far as CDs/DVDs/foil hanging in the free are a waste of effort, high frequency sound emitters are a waste of time and money (I spent $750 on 3 units) and spraying with fish emulsion or any other foul smelling product is a waste of time. Best of luck. Nothing better than tree ripened KPs.
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31st December 2014 1:07pm
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sternus1 says...
You cannot contract Hendra virus directly from a fruit bat. This is impossible. You can only contract hendra virus from a Horse that has been infected with Hendra.

However, you can contract ABLV directly from fruit bats. It is a filovirus that has a 100% fatality rate in this country. It is extremely similar to rabies, and it is one of the most lethal viruses known to man.

To put this into perspective, you are considerably more likely to survive ebola than ABLV. It will kill the shit out of you.

Despite the PR put out by the government, the scientific reality is that if you are regularly visited by fruit bats, you are absolutely at some level of risk of exposure--albeit and extremely statisically low-probablity one. And yes--and I'll put this in caps--YOU CAN CONTRACT ABLV FROM FRUIT CONTAMINATED BY THE SPUTUM OF INFECTED BATS BY INCIDENTALLY CONSUMING FRUIT THAT HAS COME INTO CONTACT WITH IT.

The shitty .gov sites fail to mention this, but it is a fact nonetheless.

If anyone tells you anything different, they're probably some kind of demented greeny.

Fortunately, you can be vaccinated against ABLV. If you grow a lot of fruit trees, and get a lot of bats as a result, it's worth the money.

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31st December 2014 1:10pm
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Slicko says...
I agree with Ross that exclusion is the only way to protect your crop. The important thing with full netting of your tree is that the net needs to be tightly drawn over its support if you wish to avoid catching fruit bats in it. Some years ago I had trouble with the greenies threatening me with court action when I was netting my peach trees loosely and occasionally catching a fruit bat or two so I am now very careful to make sure that the net is stretched tightly over its support.I might mention that I also bag the fruit as protection against fruit fly and aim to keep all my trees at a manageable height so that I don't have problems with netting.
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4th January 2015 5:09pm
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