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Julie7's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/01/08 Updated: 17/01/08 Frost:
Location: Roleystone WA

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Julie7 Forum Contributions
Suitable trees perth - No,no,no aNoN. Avocadoes and cherries grow realy well (mangoes too) in the hills suburb I live in - Roleystone, an orchard area. Yes, it does get a lot colder at night in winter than the flats,and they love that. I have heard of avocadoes and mangoes doi..4106 days 7hrs
Lemon leaf blotches - Looks like a pest, but I don't recognise it.A really good site for citrus problems is www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/horticulture/citrus. The pictures are really useful...4133 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - The idea of using organic insecticides is that they kill/repel the insect but have been broken down by the time you eat the fruit, so you are not eating poisons. It's a bit of a drawback in some ways, because you have to keep reapplying them. Don't kn..4133 days 11hrs
Citrus problems1 - Magnesium sulphate is more commonly known as Epsom salts - that's what it will be called in the supermarket...4133 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - Organic materials, made from plants or bacteria, are broken down fairly quickly. Being 'natural', the environment has a way of dealing with them - unlike synthetic chemicals, which are unknown in nature...4143 days 5hrs
Natural weed killer - There is a product called Interceptor, but it only works on small,young annual weeds, and is best on broad, flatleaf weeds.It is not systemic. Available from Green Harvest: inquiries@greenharvest.com.au. If you think about it, anything which kills gree..4146 days 5hrs
Forum feedback - Jimmy, you may not get any fruit at all from a seed. That's why most fruit trees are grafted - they are guaranteed to fruit. Then again, you might be lucky!..4150 days 10hrs
Flowering without fruit - I get ashes from my neighbour's wood fire, but I only use them on acid soil, to balance the pH. Where I live (I am in the hills) the soil is fairly acid, but nearer the coast it is quite alkaline, so not such a good idea. A pH kit is quite cheap, and fun..4161 days 6hrs
Heritage raspberry - I successfully grew Heritage rasberries in Roleystone (hills suburb outside Perth WA). I made sure it only got morning sun, and was shaded by an acacia in the afternoon.We get temps up to 40-44c in summer, with fairly cold winters. Good luck!..4164 days 3hrs
Licorice plants - Sorry, left off the postcode - Tas 7054..4167 days 7hrs
Licorice plants - I don't know where you can buy a plant, but they are very easy to grow from seed. Seeds are available from Phoenix Seeds,PO Box 207, Snug, Tas. Email phnxseed@ozemail.com.au for a catalogue. They have a terrific variety of unusual seeds. Mine germinat..4167 days 7hrs
What are your favourite fruit trees in - My three favouite fruits (to eat) are, peach, mango and avocado. I have an old variety of Hale Haven peach which is absolutely delicious when ripened on the tree, and not grown any more. I am hoping to propagate it to take with me when I move house...4168 days 5hrs

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