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GardeningAustraliaWanabee's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

GardeningAustraliaWanabee Forum Contributions
Group buying - Zee is just a trademark of Zaiger, the plant breeder. The fruit are hybrids, like a F1 vegetable variety. Doesn't make them GM. ..4370 days 11hrs
Jaboticaba4 - Oranges may have originated in China, but they hardly cultivated or domesticated (improved) them. Try the fruit from trifoliata (used as a rootstock)--definitely not pleasant. I've tried oranges in China grown in China and they are insipid. All the ora..4404 days 19hrs
Encroachment of tree roots any council rules - Daleys wouldn't waste their time reading why some irrelevant person decided to delete other people's posts. Small minds for small people...4417 days 11hrs
Fruit trees in perth wa - Full sun means full sun. If you chose to grow fruit in an arid desert, well you're fighting against nature and really it's a great waste of resources (water) in trying to fight it. Don't blame the plant labels. Even the Arabs in the Middle east have ..4422 days 8hrs
Fejoa trees for sale in melbourne - Have you tried: 1) Gardenworld (Keysborough) or 2) Morrisons Bros nursery ( Doncaster). No online business but both have a large range of fruit trees and are worth a visit...4425 days 20hrs

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