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Itdepends2 Forum Contributions
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - Someone takes the shipment on board- everyone else sends their order and $$ to them. They order it as one lot and the shipping cost gets divvied up...3582 days 17hrs
Edible shade tree - Because you only put the umbrella up in Summer I'd go for a decidous tree- just be prepared to deal with the leaf drop in autumn. Maybe have a look at a pear tree? (Will require continous pruning to keep down to size though)..3589 days 20hrs
Plum yarrahapinni blood - Don't know about that variety in particular- as far as blood plums go though I'd personally recommend Satsuma or Mariposa. Note with most Japanese plums (the blood plums are Jap plums) you need a cross pollinator to get good yields. Santa Rosa will s..3589 days 20hrs
Plum tree propagation - Buy a grafted plum tree as a starter- and then just graft different varieties onto it. (Unless you're looking for a lot of trees- in which case- start with a grafted tree, get it to sucker and start taking cuttings off the rootstock to strike). It'll..3599 days 21hrs
Potted figs and olive - I've tried olives in pots without much success. They're a fast growing tree and didn't do very well. A lot of scale too- but they were under a patio. Personally if your after the fruit- I wouldn't bother with olives in post- the yield will be too l..3604 days 21hrs
Blueberry - As blueberries require chill- a glass house would make it worse..3606 days 21hrs
Planting a lemon tree - You'v got aphids. The ants are coming for the honeysuckle produced by the aphids and spreading the black sooty mould. Spray/remove the aphids and you'll fix most of the problems. The yellow leaves- fertilise the lemon. In particular- if the veins on..3614 days 19hrs
Blueberry - Russ the leaves turning red and falling of is normal- many blueberries are either partiall or fully deciduous- so they should drop leaves over winter. With our hot climate try (Perth area I'm talking) try and find a sheltered patch- morning sun and fi..3615 days 22hrs
Worm farms - Most of the worms in my worm farm (can of worms) came from my vege garden- but I've been raising the beds the last year or so and add lots of mulch (straw) and manures. I did go out and buy a booster pack of worms as well- but they looked the same as the..3615 days 22hrs
Rasberry bushes - Melony you may not get a reply from Daleys here- best off trying the contact tab on the left side of the page. This is more of a public forum. Cheers, Daniel..3631 days 20hrs
Plum trees3 - If you're in the southern hemisphere your plums shouldn't be fruiting yet. Quite a few people have had the trees flower in autumn this year (instead of spring) due to unseasonably warm weather (including me). The fruit don't last the winter and will dr..3632 days 21hrs
Blueberry - tis funny- I watched when diggers canes/blueberries were due to be available- and they came up as available for ordering a day earlier than posted on the site- put my order in straight away. Maybe I'm paranoid- but I didn't want to miss out this time. ..3632 days 21hrs
Make loamy soil into good condition for - Loam implies good drainage- if you are worried about drainage then I'm assuming you have a lot of clay. Compost will help- but gypsum will also help to bind the clay up...3640 days 16hrs
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - More than likely due to where the nursery producing the plants is located- and what diseases may be in the area..3640 days 17hrs
Lots a lemon and dwarf lime - 40cm pots or bigger- half a wine barrel if you can get it/fit it in your garden scheme. Make sure you water it religously during the drier months or it may drop its fruit..3648 days 22hrs

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