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John17's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/04/08 Updated: 19/04/08 Frost:
Location: Albany Western Australia

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John17 Forum Contributions
Pea eggplant seeds - This is a message to Phil Tyalgum. I have looked at your edibles page and wonder if I could purchase or swap some seed. I am especially after seed of different varieties of the American Custard apple Asimina Triloba. Thanks John - Albany..2824 days 16hrs
Casana - I have finally got a Casana - got it in WA from Daleys. I have put it in a big pot and will treat it like a baby...3673 days 15hrs
Wolf berries - I have grown them from seed that I soaked in water and put onto paper towel and dried. They germinate readily and look like tomato seedlings. Seedlings are very feeble for a while and are then supposed to take off. Mine are still small. They are suppos..3680 days 16hrs
White sapote2 - I would suggest you ensure you get a self fertile grafted variety - don't waste your time with seedlings - take too long and usually bitter skinned. I know that Vernon, Ortega and Lemon Gold are definately self fertile. Regarding your climate read as..3680 days 16hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - Dear Julie or anyone in Western Australia. My name is John and I live in Albany. I am after seeds or seedlings of the American paw paw. Can you let me know if you have some. ..3694 days 15hrs
White sapotes - Dear Jo - I have White Sapotes fruiting in Albany. It took a long time. Young trees definately needs protection from the cold. You also need to get recognised grafted trees. My little Vernon is doing the best. I also have a lemon gold I just bought and it..3843 days 21hrs
Mamey sapote unripe - I don't think you can eat it unripe. They eventually soften and taste like a mealy sweet potato. Not a brilliaqnt fruit..3843 days 21hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - The fruit I'm talking about is small - shaped like a fig - flesh like green kiwifruit - taste like a cross between kiwifruit and a hint of Fejoa...3879 days 15hrs
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - Hi, my name is John I live in Albany WA and grow a variety of unusual fruit trees. I am interested in joining any group that wants reduce costs in ordering from Daleys nursery. I am alos interested in swapping seeds / cuttings and plants...3888 days 18hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - I recently purchased some kiwiberries from a supermarket and dried out the seed. Then I put them on paper towelling in a plastic bag in my shed. I have germinated a lot of things this way yet despite several attempts none of the seeds seem to be germinati..3893 days 17hrs
White sapotes - Can anyone tell me how and when to graft or bud white sapotes. i have two trees that are bearing in Albany and heaps of seedlings that can be grafted with my Vernon that is self fertile...3893 days 17hrs
Casana - I have been looking for some time for seed for a rare relative of the tree tomato called a Casana. Cany anyone help me to source the seed. It would be great if someone had it in Western Australia..3893 days 18hrs

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