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Scott4's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: oakhurst

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Scott4 Forum Contributions
Mandarin tree - hey all, i have planted my orange and mandarin tree and seems its there 1st year out of a pot, they have alot of flowers and are just about to start fruiting, should i cut some of the flowers off? I am worried about the fruit being to heavy for a young tr..5719 days 3hrs
Mandarin tree - when planting them should i use potting mix of any sort or just use a bit of fertilizer?..5737 days 19hrs
Mandarin tree - I take alot of pride in my grass and it is always kept to a very short length, permitting this was always the case i assume it would be ok correct? What does everyone else do when planting them, what sort of surrounds etc. thanks for the reply Scott G...5738 days 15hrs
Mandarin tree - when planting a mandarin tree is it ok to have the grass run up too the trunk or should i put surrounding around it like the ones people put around rose bushes. I read that the trunk can be mulched but no closer than 25cm around the base.would this count..5738 days 21hrs
Mandarin tree - Hi, I was considering planting a mandarin tree in my backyard can anyone help me in deciding which variety would be best suited. The position I where the tree would go is in sunlight most of the day. And also how deep should the hole be and what type of s..5887 days 3hrs

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