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Mark5's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Blacktown

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mark5 Forum Contributions
Finger lime6 - Well Phil the potash may have done the trick as my tree is covered in limes. They are now about 5-6cms long. How do you know when to pick them?..3873 days 0hrs
Finger lime5 - My finger lime is doing brilliantly now with lots of fruit. Thanks Roger, perhaps it was the epsom salts that did the trick. How do you know when to pick them? ..3873 days 0hrs
Mandarin tree - I have just picked the last of my Honey Murcotts and they are sweet and juicy. Yes the skin is tight but not difficult to remove. Last year's fruit was a bit tart but I put that down to the drought. This year the trees have had more consistant watering. ..3943 days 2hrs
Rareunusual fruit plants - Thanks Jujube. I will follow your advice. Will I bag each hand separately or cover the whole bunch with one bag? We've had a bit of a cold snap after some lovely warm days. I hope this will not affect the fruit developing...3963 days 24hrs
Mandarin tree - Hi jimbo....yes they are satsuma. 2 x miho and 1 x japanese seedless. I have a Japanese Seedless at home in Blacktown in a large pot. Put it in about 6 months ago. Is just flowering now and like you, I don't bother picking off the fruit when young. Natur..3963 days 24hrs

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