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Rose3's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:

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Rose3 Forum Contributions
What fruit trees will grow true to - HI Ann-Maree, I have been looking for a blood plum for years. The kind I remember from the late 60's. Is this the kind of blood plum you mean? We had success with a nectarine. It grew from a stone very well and fruited so heavily within the 2nd year! We..1820 days 16hrs
Pinkabella apple - We Have just moved into a new home and our garden is limited. I would love to grow some fruit trees but this is going to be tricky. I was thinking of the Ballerina pinkabella apple because of it's size. Can anyone please advice on how close I can plant...3849 days 23hrs
No lemons1 - Thanks all for all the advice, I have taken everything into account and now I shall have to wait and see what happens. Again Many thanks to all...4876 days 5hrs
No lemons1 - Hi Anonymous, Thanks for the advice I shall give it a go and see what happens befor i comntemplate putting it in the ground. We only have a small garden...4884 days 17hrs
No lemons1 - Hi Ellen, My tree is up against a fence also and has sun all day, like you I use the slow release fertiliser. The only difference is that yours is in the ground. Is your tree a dwarf citrus also?I think that mine may not get as much water as yours, or it..4885 days 1hrs

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What fruit trees will grow true to - My blood plum (Satsuma) runs true from seed.I just made plum sauce from a seedling this week. My Nectarines also run true from seed, figs also, and I have several apple and almond seedlings that I have used to graft onto and to give away,but no fruit ye..Liked Answer 1560 days 6hrs
Plum variety - What would you call small? You can keep a blood plum down to about a 3m diameter x 2-3m high with pruning. Maybe 2m diameter if you try harder. It's the root stock that'll set the size anyway- not the variety grafted on top. Try and get a dwarfing ro..Liked Question 1811 days 16hrs

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