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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Itdepends3 Forum Contributions
Blueberries5 - By the sound of it you've already provided it with some fertilizer (azalea food). The only other thing I'd do is check the pH of the soil and adjust it down with sulphur or lemon juice if it's too high. Don't forget they'll only just be starting t..4157 days 24hrs
Shipping syndicate of plants to perthwa - Sorry Beerzy- I don't know the address a such- but if you go in to Dwellingup from Pinjarra- it's on that main road- right hand side about 1km short of the town centre. Theres a sign saying fruit for sale on the left side 500m or so closer to Pinjarra...4163 days 16hrs
Satsuma plum cuttings - You can strike the cuttings- but it's more likely that June is after some for grafting onto an existing plum tree or stock. Wrong time of year to be taking cuttings for grafting though- you normally do that in winter. I managed to get some grafts of Sats..4163 days 17hrs
About thompson seedless grape plant - You may find it labelled as a Sultana instead (it's the same thing)- I know I couldn't find a Thompson seedless- until I did a bit more research and realised that I'd seen plenty of them- all labelled as sultana grape vines. Cheers...4168 days 16hrs
Persimmon tree - I'm guessing this'll make the tree look out of kilter- but cutting the branches that overhang the fence would be the best thing to do- and it'd be more neighbourly to do it yourself- after all- it's your tree...4170 days 16hrs

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