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Penny's Edible Backyard

Joined: 10/10/08 Updated: 10/10/08 Frost:
Location: Allynbrook, Hunter Valley, 45 mins east of Singleton, North of Maitland

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Penny Forum Contributions
Fig tree query - Water stress can cause them to drop leaves. Good luck Penny..3484 days 0hrs
Fruit fly control - I am interested in purchasing some netting. I have 120 fig trees but i would only net say 20 to start with to see how it goes.I have pruned them back quite hard. Could you let me know when it is available? Many thanks P..3571 days 17hrs
Fruit fly control - GVW Just for a trial I bought black mozzie nets from spotlight on special for $7 each. They just cover a poly frame made with two lengths stuck onto four star pickets. the net is held down with rocks to the ground. Don't know how long the net will last..3845 days 22hrs
Keen to grow avocado mango and coffee - Great forum Kath. Desperate to grow mango, coffee and avocado. But we do get approx 10-15 frosts per year. Have a riverbank with a canopy of casuarinas and wonder if it is worth a try under them. Love the idea of a record of my past purchases as i los..3855 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Si It looks as if there is no alternative to netting my 125 fig trees. The F.Fly was bad last year despite using naturalure. What is the verdict on colour? I just priced the stiff netting from spotlight - $1.99/m but only 1.35m wide. would have to sew..3904 days 14hrs
Cost of fruit tree nets - will mozzie nets keep out fruit flies?..3904 days 19hrs

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