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Keen to grow avocado, Mango and coffee.

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penny starts with ...
Great forum Kath.
Desperate to grow mango, coffee and avocado.
But we do get approx 10-15 frosts per year.
Have a riverbank with a canopy of casuarinas and wonder if it is worth a try under them.
Love the idea of a record of my past purchases as i lost the tags from my fig trees and have no idea which they are!!!!
Thanks P
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Allynbrook, Hunter Valley, 45 mins east of Singleton, North of Maitland
28th November 2008 1:45pm
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Kath says...
Penny, it is always better to grow plants that are well suited to your climate. The problem with growing marginal plants is that they can struggle and the dissapointment can be great. Frost is one of those things that can kill a mature tree overnight. In Kyogle we can grow mango trees well, some frost free sites are perfect. In low lying areas however an unusually cold frost last year desimated avocado, mango, lychee, longan, black sapote, star apple, santol, soncoya, sugar apple, jakfruit, custard apple, cherimoya and the list goes on, basically anything with a leaf.
There are however lots of trees that love a little chill on their buds, nashis, apples, pears, pecans, pomegrantes and kiwifruit. Blueberries, grapes and the gorgeous persimmon. I would start with these before I planted anything under the casuarinas on the riverbank. If you choose a tree that suits your climate it will thrive and you will be satisfied. If you have you mind set on coffee, try the catui in a pot and move it into a protected sopt in the winter.
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28th November 2008 4:45pm
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Polly says...
Penny have you looked around at what your neighbours are growing? I know one of them is also growing macadamia successfully despite my being told it wouldn't grow in your area. Also mulberry, quince, citrus grow freely there. Also know of some mango growing in Gresford with limited success but getting frost eaach year.
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28th November 2008 7:20pm
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