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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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May's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/11/08 Updated: 20/11/08 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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May Forum Contributions
No dig garden - Thanks Brendan for the link. :) May..3635 days 22hrs
No dig garden - Yes, it's a real bargain, but it costs around $50 for the hire of a trailer so it worked out to be around $10 per bin which is still good value. The bins are very solid and heavy, it should hold the soils very well. The orchard owner used a forklift to..3636 days 21hrs
No dig garden - Thanks Amanda for the tips. I paid $1.25 for the bins, they are not treated, not sure what they are but I think they are pine. This is my first vegie patch project and I am so excited, can't wait to get started. Thanks again, May..3637 days 5hrs
No dig garden - Hi, I got hold of 5 wooden apple bins from an orchard this weekend. The bin dimensions are 1.2m x1.2m x0.5m. I would love to use them as raised no dig garden bed. Trouble is I have no idea what is the best way to go about doing it. I could put a couple..3637 days 15hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - Hi Megan, Wow, look at those durians! I am drooling already. Which part of Australia are those durians grown? ..3806 days 20hrs
Citrus hedge - The citrus trees if planted will get plenty of afternoon sun. However, I was worried that I may not get much fruit at all due to the close proximity to the neighbour's hedge. After reading your comments I think leave the existing hedge as they are...3806 days 20hrs
Citrus hedge - I didn't manage to do anything in the garden just yet. I must admit the recent heatwaves in Melb discouraged me from doing anything drastic in the garden afterall it's a big job; i.e removing existing 10 feet tall hedge and replace them with citrus tree..3815 days 2hrs
What is this please - It's definitely not jambu...3815 days 2hrs
Any one got indigo bunga telang clitorea - Hi David, I just bought some bunga telang seeds off ebay. Not sure how they will survive in Melbourne but I thought I would give it a go. Search under ebay Item number: 270331687105 Blue Pea Vine, Asian Pigeon Wings - Low Care/Food Color Cheer..3815 days 2hrs
Citrus hedge - Got it. Thanks anon. May..3882 days 0hrs
Citrus hedge - Hi, I am thinking of planting a hedge of citrus trees close together i.e. duo planting along my back fence. However, on the other side of the fence (neighbor's) there is a huge row of a 4 metre high lillypillies (I think that's what they are.) My qu..3882 days 17hrs
Black boy cherry - Thanks Jantina and anon. I bought Stella few days ago and intend to plant both Blackboy and Stella in the same planting hole/duo planting. I hope it'll work out alright...3882 days 18hrs
Black boy cherry - :))) I still thank you for making the effort of looking up the reference book, really appreciate it Jantina. May..3892 days 2hrs
Black boy cherry - That's great. Thanks Jantina for the information. I will check it out soon. May..3892 days 4hrs
Black boy cherry - Thanks Jantina. Grafting sounds like a good idea however I haven't got a clue how to do it so I think getting a Stella and plant it in the pot might be the way to go. Do they need to be planted side by side? In the mean time I will check out my neighbou..3892 days 5hrs

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