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Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: thevietnam

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Copashark1 Forum Contributions
Olivecentral coast - i'd like to plant an olive tree on the central coast nsw. Id like a table variety. The site has free draining soil, it is facing the ocean(400m) and it does get a belting from storm occasionally. There is rarely a light frost, once every 3rd year. I dont..4043 days 1hrs
Jalna and secondo avocado harvest times - ummm where are you liz?...4610 days 1hrs
Avocado11 - it looks like anthracnose. a treatment option would be Copper oxychloride from flowering time to harvest approx monthly, more in wet weather. I would plant a more resistant variety in another spot as your long term plan if you have the space...4631 days 2hrs
Pawpaws - moth balls work a treat to keep bats from getting into my fathers fig tree. same priniple as the kero wick i guess...4644 days 3hrs
Avocado8 - there are commercial plantations of Hass avocados at mangrove montain FYI. It does frost on managrove mountain although midler than the plains it gets its share of 40 degrees...4660 days 3hrs

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