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Tara's Edible Backyard

Joined: 18/01/09 Updated: 18/01/09 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Tara Forum Contributions
How can i stop slugs eating my - if you can have a couple of ducks or chooks - they love slugs! but i have another question about strawberries: i bought a strawberry plant from bunnings a few weeks ago and put it in good soil topped with compost, as the instructions said. however,..3778 days 22hrs
Sandpaper fig suitable for melbourne - that's for the tips. yeah i think the sun has been a bit harsh on it. it is in a sunny spot with a bit of shade. hopefully this will protect it enough. the heat has been making it lose it's leaves...3781 days 22hrs
Trees suitable for espalier and pots - you probably need to order them tho..3806 days 14hrs
Trees suitable for espalier and pots - hi justin, i'm from melbourne too and i got advice from perry's nursery in adelaide that grafted varieties of black sapote are easier to grow in melbourne and can grow in pots. cheers...3806 days 14hrs
Fast fruits - babaco within 2 yrs, goji berry with 2 yrs pepino - bought it as a baby from bunnings and it already has two melons growing on it. strawberry..3809 days 14hrs
Peppino - i read that the fruit it ready to eat once a bit soft...3809 days 15hrs
Peppino - according to diggers club, pepino is supposed to be a good fruiting shrub to grow in melbourne. i have just put on in the ground. so hopefully it grows. don't know much else about it except it's supposed to be fairly hardy when well established...3809 days 15hrs
Sandpaper fig suitable for melbourne - hi, please check out this link, this is the sandpaper fig i ordered a few days ago: http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/plant/Sandpaper-Fig-Ficus-Coronata.htm i ordered it thinking it would be suitable for australian climate considering it is native to a..3809 days 15hrs

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