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Michael D's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: wakeley

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Michael D Forum Contributions
Dragon fruit - How much would Daleys sell it for 😊..400 days 4hrs
Tamarillos4 - Hi David Looking at your page it seems like you have every great tasting fruit trees there is to grow.Looking foward to see how you rate the tamarallio.I notice you have a amberalla from cutting.How did you manage to do it? ..400 days 22hrs
Tamarillos4 - Can I ask what all the fuss is about this fruit.I read in the forums about it and decided to grow a plant two years ago.Now its 2 metres tall with flowers but not setting fruit.Should I wait another year because the fruit will be exceptional or will it be..406 days 9hrs
Dwarf ambarella1 - The market is on Smithfield road .Its usually on Saturday's but on Wednesday they have like a trash and treasure type market. There is also a nursery at Canley Vale Road and Phelps St.They were selling the dwarf amberalla for $38 dollars but not flowering..416 days 17hrs
Dwarf ambarella1 - I have been looking for the dwarf ambarella for years now and finally manage to purchase one today .The plants were all around 80 cm but they were all flowering so I can assumed that its a genuine dwarf variety.At $80 its not cheap but Im glad to have thi..421 days 22hrs
Wood apple grow in melbourne - Deepta What are you looking to do with the fruit?..492 days 23hrs
Lychee tree12 - My bosworth 3 lychee finally having a decent crop to take pictures off.It only took 7 years but the wait is worth it.Standing only 2 metres tall Im counting about 100 fruits which is 10% of what it originally had at the beginning.If you have the patience ..502 days 2hrs
Jackfruit3 - My local nursery has a Galaxy jackfruit for sale. They say its soft flesh which is also repeated in this thread.However on the net it says its a crisp flesh which is what I want to grow.So to the experts out there is Galaxy a soft or crisp variety?..648 days 21hrs
Soursop tress - Hi Sharon Do you see any soursop trees in Sydney with fruits?The answer is no.However it didnt stop me from growing one in a pot for 3 years .Mine was healthy but died very sudden in its fourth year.Growing something outside its normal climate is all p..710 days 2hrs
Rambutan2 - Farouk-We r literally in the same area so can grow the same things. At the moment I'm picking the last of my Fuyu persimmons and Thai guavas. My papaya is fully loaded but will struggle when winter comes. After winter then my lychee,longang n mango trees..769 days 9hrs
Rambutan2 - Farouk-Go to Cabramatta when they have fresh ranbutans for sale and soak the seeds in paper towel..I did it last year and had 5 seedlings..Unfortunately it all died over winter..We can never get rambutans to fruit in sydney so I was doing it for fun..and ..770 days 23hrs
Okinawa spinach - Okinawa Spinach is a pretty plant for ground cover.My mum has it in her garden.I grow Gynura Procumbens as a medicinal plant .It tastes pretty bland so very easy to eat like a leafy salad.I'm no doctor so I can't confirm it's health benefits but you shoul..833 days 23hrs
Okinawa spinach - I think something similar to grow with medicinal properties is Gynura Procumbens I am growing this in Sydney with great success...835 days 10hrs
White adriatic fig1 - Just pick one yesterday on my first white adratic fig.It was yellowish green but fully ripe on the inside.I prefer the brown figs more after growing the white fig out of curiosity..839 days 21hrs
Fruit flies - Tying a bag works really well last year for my parents in Sydney against FF . This year not so well with many days over 40 degrees literally fried the guavas.Organza bags still has tiny holes in it which is not 100% FF proof.My own guava tree is covered w..846 days 24hrs

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Identify this plant1 - Hi guys, Could anyone identify what plant/tree is in the attached photo? I was hoping that it would be the lychee tree as it popped up from the seed, but somehow the leaves and flower didn’t match. Please let me know what you think, thanks PS: ..Liked Answer 407 days 19hrs
What is this tree please id - Often visit this tree growing in a nearby park but have no idea what it is. I wish to learn it's species name so please tell me if you know it. Thank you. ..Liked Answer 959 days 22hrs
Persimmon8 - ..Liked Answer 1763 days 21hrs

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