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Identify this plant

    2 responses

Giang starts with ...
Hi guys,

Could anyone identify what plant/tree is in the attached photo? I was hoping that it would be the lychee tree as it popped up from the seed, but somehow the leaves and flower didn’t match. Please let me know what you think, thanks

PS: sorry the small plant in the photo is a blueberry tree
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3
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St Albans
25th April 2018 8:34pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Giang

Since you posted this almost a month ago and it was flowering at that time what do the fruit look like atm.
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20th May 2018 2:56pm
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brad16 says...
I don't know what it is, but it definitely isn't a lychee.

It's hard to tell from the photos, they aren't very well focused, but Picture: 1 seems to indicate that it isn't a tree. It looks like a soft tissue annual some-thing-or-other. The flower looks like it could be some kind of a 'pea', but I'd be inclined to call it a 'weed' as it's not my area of expertise. I do know what a lychee looks like, and sadly, this is not one.

Nicely staked though. I wonder if you set a new world record for the first person to ever stake a 'what-ever-it-is'? :)
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21st May 2018 11:48am
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