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Brendan's Edible Backyard

Joined: 03/02/09 Updated: 03/02/09 Frost:
Location: Mackay Q

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Brendan Forum Contributions
Avocados lumps in flesh - I'm sure the garden guru up here says the tree is lacking boron when this happens. Be careful, it's easy to overdose boron...183 days 15hrs
Guavas1 - I'd eat it now! Don't like eating over ripe guavas :-)..203 days 14hrs
How to grow - Once your tree is established, keep it pruned to the height you want. Dwarf trees are available. Ask your local nursery. Grafted avo trees can fruit after 3 years, but mine took about 5 years. Tips from Daleys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Vx86..204 days 16hrs
Avocado scion1 - You could try 'cintcuring' your avo tree like this: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3006209.htms: ..210 days 22hrs
Wurtz avocado - Wurtz avo trees are all dwarf, I'd say they used a generic LABEL. (Used on many avo trees!) Don't panic, you have a dwarf :-)..257 days 20hrs
Avocado woes - Avos are ready to pick when their skin lose their shine and turn dull. Also, the stem near the fruit changes colour :-)..307 days 22hrs
Avocado tree13 - A photo would be nice Karen. Cheers...320 days 19hrs
Id avacado please - G'day ell, it's probably just another 'seed-grown' avo. I wouldn't worry about about a name for it, as there are millions of no-name avos, but they usually all taste good! Enjoy...407 days 12hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - I would still spray the tree with the anti-rot Wheels as a preventative measure. (just follow the directions on the pack). Don't forget, the anti-rot is taken up quicker by spraying the leaves :) Make sure you spray the whole tree, trunk and especially, ..436 days 20hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Good looking tree Mark. Is that white-wash or white water based paint on the branches? We've had terrible seasons the last two years, and my Lamb Hass decided not to flower (or fruit) at all last year? Was planted in 2009! We've had 227mm rain since Mo..439 days 21hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Yes Markmelb, my Reed is grafted. Are those avos in your latest pics, both seed-grown? Where did you get the Gem from? If it's from a grafted Gem, it won't be true, but could still be a great avo! Don't like mixing mulch into the compost/mound, as i..444 days 21hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Good idea Mark. Some pics of the Reed yesterday between showers. Looking at my pics, I need to expand it a good bit, and add more lucerne and a fence! Also, pic of ripe seed-grown type 'B' avo from last year. Taste 9 out of 10...446 days 21hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Hi Markmelb, I followed that video, but as you said, reading between the lines, I did this. I made the mound with about 12 bags of bought compost & some gypsum, but I let the mound just sit there for 9 weeks! That IMO, is a good idea. I bought a Reed fro..448 days 22hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Have youse seen this video from Daleys? Some very good info! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Vx86SCX4w..452 days 22hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Good pics Markmelb. Yes, it certainly looks like you need a bigger block of land. None for sale out of town? I suppose the cost would be prohibitive? That seed-grown avo of mine that's stringy, it seems to be on one side of the fruit only(?), so it's n..460 days 21hrs

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