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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Location: Mackay, Q

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Brendan Forum Contributions
Mango29 - What you are doing is spot on. Are you using the Wetting Agent? That could be the problem. I know it's hard, but try to spray both sides of the leaves...62 days 0hrs
Mango29 - What spray are you using? Have you used this from Yates? https://www.yates.com.au/archives/2012/august/product-of-the-month-yates-liquid-copper-fungicide/ Try adding a small amount of Spreadmax, https://www.bunnings.com.au/searles-200ml-herbicide-addit..64 days 14hrs
Avocado type b - Shepard is a type B, and I class it as a semi-dwarf (with pruning). Funny thing, where I live, my Lamb Hass (A) and the Shepard (B), flower and fruit at the same time :-)..80 days 14hrs
Dwarf avocado for tropics - Lamb Hass is a semi dwarf Karen. 'Most' avo trees can be kept small-ish by pruning now and then. I also class my Sheppard as a semi dwaft, with pruning...119 days 13hrs
Huge avocado - These got lost somewhere? (For above)..417 days 9hrs
Huge avocado - This Avo fell from a friends neighbours tree a while back. It weighed a tad over 900g. That's a 50 cent coin in pic. Although the seed is large, the flesh is fairly thick & very tasty. Flesh at top was 45mm thick. Unfortunately, the fall split the seed ..417 days 14hrs
Avocado leaves - No, Mango Mike. It eventually died from Phytophthora (root rot), about 2 years ago. BUT, a baby tree is growing under the dead Proserpine Purple tree!!!! I just hope it keeps going and growing to be the same as the parent tree:)..458 days 5hrs
Suitable tree1 - Bananas :)..472 days 8hrs
When are bacon avocados ripe - Avos usually lose their shiny skin and turn a bit dull. Also, their stem (near the fruit), turns slightly yellow. That's when I pick mine...481 days 17hrs
Avocados lumps in flesh - I'm sure the garden guru up here says the tree is lacking boron when this happens. Be careful, it's easy to overdose boron...671 days 8hrs
Guavas1 - I'd eat it now! Don't like eating over ripe guavas :-)..691 days 7hrs
How to grow - Once your tree is established, keep it pruned to the height you want. Dwarf trees are available. Ask your local nursery. Grafted avo trees can fruit after 3 years, but mine took about 5 years. Tips from Daleys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Vx86..692 days 9hrs
Avocado scion1 - You could try 'cintcuring' your avo tree like this: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3006209.htms: ..698 days 15hrs
Wurtz avocado - Wurtz avo trees are all dwarf, I'd say they used a generic LABEL. (Used on many avo trees!) Don't panic, you have a dwarf :-)..745 days 13hrs
Avocado woes - Avos are ready to pick when their skin lose their shine and turn dull. Also, the stem near the fruit changes colour :-)..795 days 15hrs

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