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Brendan's Edible Backyard

Joined: 03/02/09 Updated: 03/02/09 Frost:
Location: Mackay, Q

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Brendan Forum Contributions
Huge avocado - These got lost somewhere? (For above)..46 days 14hrs
Huge avocado - This Avo fell from a friends neighbours tree a while back. It weighed a tad over 900g. That's a 50 cent coin in pic. Although the seed is large, the flesh is fairly thick & very tasty. Flesh at top was 45mm thick. Unfortunately, the fall split the seed ..46 days 19hrs
Avocado leaves - No, Mango Mike. It eventually died from Phytophthora (root rot), about 2 years ago. BUT, a baby tree is growing under the dead Proserpine Purple tree!!!! I just hope it keeps going and growing to be the same as the parent tree:)..87 days 10hrs
Suitable tree1 - Bananas :)..101 days 13hrs
When are bacon avocados ripe - Avos usually lose their shiny skin and turn a bit dull. Also, their stem (near the fruit), turns slightly yellow. That's when I pick mine...110 days 22hrs
Avocados lumps in flesh - I'm sure the garden guru up here says the tree is lacking boron when this happens. Be careful, it's easy to overdose boron...300 days 13hrs
Guavas1 - I'd eat it now! Don't like eating over ripe guavas :-)..320 days 12hrs
How to grow - Once your tree is established, keep it pruned to the height you want. Dwarf trees are available. Ask your local nursery. Grafted avo trees can fruit after 3 years, but mine took about 5 years. Tips from Daleys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Vx86..321 days 15hrs
Avocado scion1 - You could try 'cintcuring' your avo tree like this: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3006209.htms: ..327 days 21hrs
Wurtz avocado - Wurtz avo trees are all dwarf, I'd say they used a generic LABEL. (Used on many avo trees!) Don't panic, you have a dwarf :-)..374 days 19hrs
Avocado woes - Avos are ready to pick when their skin lose their shine and turn dull. Also, the stem near the fruit changes colour :-)..424 days 21hrs
Avocado tree13 - A photo would be nice Karen. Cheers...437 days 17hrs
Id avacado please - G'day ell, it's probably just another 'seed-grown' avo. I wouldn't worry about about a name for it, as there are millions of no-name avos, but they usually all taste good! Enjoy...524 days 10hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - I would still spray the tree with the anti-rot Wheels as a preventative measure. (just follow the directions on the pack). Don't forget, the anti-rot is taken up quicker by spraying the leaves :) Make sure you spray the whole tree, trunk and especially, ..553 days 19hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Good looking tree Mark. Is that white-wash or white water based paint on the branches? We've had terrible seasons the last two years, and my Lamb Hass decided not to flower (or fruit) at all last year? Was planted in 2009! We've had 227mm rain since Mo..556 days 19hrs

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