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Harro's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: perth

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Harro Forum Contributions
Poinciana - Hi we live in Hillars Perth and there are two growing in this suburb one lady told me hers took ages to flower then a car hit it ( it is on the verge )then it started flowering. Maybe you need to hit it with the back of an axe to shock it...2047 days 4hrs
Citrus8 - We have moved house and have three citrus can you identify them by the leaves / Can someone help please. ..2116 days 6hrs
Whitefly - I live in Hillarys near the ocean we have moved here about ten months ago from the foothills. I have whitefly everywhere when I walk near my plants they fly up in the air. I sprayed with dish washing detergent, still there tonight I sprayed with Eco Oil a..2183 days 20hrs
Shaping a mango tree - In March I bought a kensington pride mango it is only now starting to grow by the way we live in Perth. My problem is it is nearly 1.3 metres tall where they have pruned it branch out and it has two branches. I feel that is too high would I be able to cu..2259 days 0hrs
Brown edges on leaves - We have bought a house and it has two trees on the front lawn, one is okay but the other has brown edges and dont look very good. I think they might be ornamental pears, we are in a coastal suburb could it be the bore water but then why only one. Please ..2450 days 9hrs

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