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Culebra's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/06/09 Updated: 14/06/09 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Culebra Forum Contributions
Trees that grows in south east melbourne - hey where do you get holy basil? i used to have one but lost it recently. have tried it from seed several times in the past, but always with very poor germination rates. ..3312 days 18hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - I see them for time to time, they are quite common, but only the strawberry guava. People don't know what they are so they let them rot on the tree/ground.... same deal with feijoa, pomegranate (especially!), persimon, quince, figs etc etc. such a waste..3320 days 18hrs
Tropical tree growing advice for a melbournian - That'd be awesome if you could get it to grow in Melbourne! ;) They would be a great alternate to those common palms in St Kilda, mordy etc. (Phoenix canariensis?) lol i'm dreaming. ''but I am intrigued to find out if they grow indoors, in..3320 days 18hrs
Weed alert - Have heard that Coffea arabica has naturalised in north Qld from where it has escaped from existing or abandoned plantations, as has Murraya koenigii which i think is also present in a semi-naturalised state the northern territory. Just be vigilant and ..3427 days 2hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - As seen above, mangoes will definitely grow in Melbourne. I used to know of a mango tree in the eastern suburbs a few metres tall, didn't see it flower or fruit though. not sure if it is still there or not. Also a nursery in south east Melbourne h..3438 days 5hrs
Best tropical fruit photos ever - Beyond amazing! TFS Many look almost too good to eat. I like how the Pereskia aculeata fruit has leaves growing on it. ..3439 days 2hrs
Lemon verbena - Lemon verbena tea is very good. an all round great herb. The other day I saw a plant in a garden which looked extremely similar to lemon verbena, and I thought it was. when i rubbed a leaf it did not have a lemon scent at all, does anyone know what ..3439 days 2hrs
Buddhas hand cuttings - Well, that was pretty easy. i know have a rooted Buddha's hand cutting ready to be potted up. and my potted grafted tree I took the cutting from is producing many flowers and setting fruit :) now to take some more... It will be interesting to compa..3557 days 1hrs
Rare native frogtoad - very cute. Thanks for posting...3561 days 22hrs
Dragon fruit8 - Hylocereus are highly frost intolerant. might survive. they grow extremely vigorously when it warms up. In some warmer areas (like inner Melbourne suburbs) they can grow outside with no protection fine. likely you should either put it in a very she..3578 days 1hrs
Thornless blackberry - The taste of my thornless blackboerry was very disappointing. and the plant is not very vigorous. No where near anything like the normal thorny one...3581 days 1hrs
Trunk damage - are the cuts all the way round? like ringbarked? ..3583 days 20hrs
Dianella caerulea blue flaxlily - That's how i propagated mine. i now have quite a few of them in my garden. the biggest clump would be about 1m across. don't think i've ever watered them! The berries i don't really like. they have a very strange taste IMO. don't know how to descr..3584 days 18hrs
Large loquat variety - i could really go for some of those right now! it will be a fair few years before my seed grown trees bear fruit...3584 days 19hrs
Passionfruit - I'd definitely consider planting one of these for the flowers alone! they're amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos Mike...3585 days 2hrs

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