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Nick T's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/08/09 Updated: 14/08/09 Frost:
Location: Altona, VIC

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Nick T Forum Contributions
Unusual fruit1 - That's the fruit from a climbing fig :)..1257 days 6hrs
Spring quiz competition ii - Another good batch of riddles, I reckon they were harder than last year's!..1493 days 19hrs
Can anyone help me identify1 - The leaves, stem and fruit certainly look like those of a peach to me Sarah111! :)..1732 days 10hrs
Availability of dwarf mulberry - Happy new year Michael, terribly sorry about the wait- I'll send you a text as soon as we get some cooler weather (it's supposed to be above 30 for the next week or so...)...1741 days 11hrs
What is it1 - It looks like a relative of the plum, peach etc., I'd say some kind of Prunus species :)..1780 days 11hrs
Tree id1 - Could it maybe be a Bauhinia? :)..1793 days 10hrs
Identity - Gday Donny, I believe that is Scilla peruviana :)..1834 days 15hrs
What fruit tree does this come from - Could it be a cumquat?..1836 days 9hrs
Free seeds1 - Thanks so much for your generosity starling, the seeds arrived today! Would you like some mouse melon seeds for your troubles? I have a few left so if anyone else wants some, they're up for grabs :)..1846 days 9hrs
Free seeds1 - I would love a seed ot two starling! They sounds fantastic!..1852 days 12hrs
Avocado leaves for diabetes treatment - My email is niksmaster2008@hotmail.com. Don't worry about giving me any money, the only cost for me will be a stamp or two!..1889 days 13hrs
Avocado leaves for diabetes treatment - I don't live nearby, but I can send quite a few leaves your way if you'd like. :)..1890 days 13hrs
Coffee k dieback - Hi Zac, I've got exactly the same problem with my 2 two or so year old dwarf catui coffee trees from Daleys! It only began to appear about a year ago, and pruning certainly doesn't stop it spreading down the branches unfortunately. All I know is that th..1892 days 12hrs
Banana2 - Do you have any more suckers to spare The Dragon? I live really close in Altona :)..1913 days 14hrs
Citrus cuttings1 - I can send you some Dwarf Red Shahtoot mulberry if you'd like? :) Do you have any pomelo cuttings?..1920 days 9hrs

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