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J's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/10/09 Updated: 28/10/09 Frost:
Location: upwey, victoria

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Problems with white sapotes pics included - organic fertz includes chicken poo and blood n bone. No real solution for possums. Get to the fruit before they do! The only sapotes of mine that have died have been ones that have been netted and process started while being netted. Hence my assumption..928 days 12hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - The big sapote trees in a row are in order - oretaga, vista, reinecke commercial, 2 pikes and 2 vernons. I have various other sapotes like lemon gold, wilson etc around but they aren't as big. And just to be clear all my big sapotes were gotten from Per..943 days 11hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - Hi Health, my white sapotes flower and fruit like clockwork. A big crop ripens around april to July (the flowering takes place in dec - jan for this crop) and theres a small crop that ripens late spring/summer (floweing for this crop occurs during winter..946 days 6hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - another article https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/spring/challenges-growing-hass-avocado-cool-regions..948 days 6hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - some good reading on avocado pollination in Wa https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/spring/growing-avocados-flowering-pollination-and-fruit-set?page=0%2C2..948 days 6hrs
Canistelmelbourneoutdoorscan it growfruit here - 34 I grew some of mine from seed. others were given to me. If you scroll through the big lucuma thread on this forum you should be able to find the email address of the gent that sells lucuma seed. email him...949 days 0hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Wheels, thanks for the info on the hass, thats really useful as I've got about 3 fruits on my small hass tree and was wondering whether plucking them off the tree when they are green was ideal or not. Last season I had about 20 bacons on my big bacon t..949 days 6hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - haha! Not sure how eden locals could mistake white sapotes for the real deal but yes, once they taste the fruit, it should curb their munches and disappointment! Ally hopefully those fruit that have set on the grafts take, just be aware that whitesapotes..949 days 9hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - So after a good 6 years from when I started this thread with pics of my tiny white sapotes I was putting on the ground in 2010, here are some pics of those white sapote trees from 2016. Big Thanks to everyone on this thread for all their help...950 days 12hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - and heres a pic of the wurtz tree itself and the 2nd pic is a wide shot of some of my avo trees, ..953 days 11hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Here's a pic of my wurtz tree bearing fruit...953 days 11hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Ive got various avo's on my various avo trees and I was wondering when the best time to harvest them is, esepcially in southern victoria/Melbourne. I cant seem to find any solid info on the ripening seasons for various varieties. I've got avos on my..954 days 10hrs
Any melbourne pepino growers need assistance - No they dont but they GROW all year round so what started out as two or three small plants then turned into the great pepino invasion in sections of my garden. I've spent a few days this winter hacking the plants right back. The problem is you need to get..954 days 10hrs
Canistelmelbourneoutdoorscan it growfruit here - I should add lucuma grows as far south as chile, so I am assuming its more cold tolerant and grows faster in less heat than a canistel. Melbourne winters dont damage then lucuma I have in the ground...954 days 10hrs
Pouteria lucuma - I planted a clifford variety right next to a big gum in the backyard 5 years ago. the clifford is 8 foot tall now and slowly enveloping the gum. it set fruit heavily two years ago and I just recently harvested the pods. Got about a kilo of pods, unfortuna..955 days 7hrs

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