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Rob10's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: PORTLAND

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Rob10 Forum Contributions
Plant swap - Hey All, I have two projects running at the moment which i would be oh so grateful for any cuttings or seeds. 1/ An office veggie/fruit garden in Northern beaches of Sydney about 8x6m in size. 2/ A 30 acre farm which i want to cover in productive growt..2121 days 8hrs
Milk kefir grains - Hey guys, I am living in Beacon hill Sydney and have both water and milk grains that i would be happy to share if you would like the pick them up. I have to head OS for a month but when i get back i can grow them up for you. Send me an email inhernest a..2241 days 9hrs
Which feijoa for melbourne - Hey all, I have 4 Feijoa in the ground, all very healthy, full of fruit and about waist high and bushy. I am wanting to move them from one property to another in Autumn, both in South West Vic, and am wondering if anyone has transplanted them successfull..2246 days 10hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - Hey Jason, Are you able to please contact me on inhernest(at)live.com i have a favour to ask you. Cheers Rob ..3314 days 2hrs
What are your favourite fruit trees in - Jason do you grow mango's and lychee's in Portland? I thought it would be too cold? So hungry from reading everyone's favorites now...off to cook dinner1..3453 days 4hrs

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