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Frankie's Edible Backyard

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Frankie Forum Contributions
Red bird of paradisebarbados fence - Thanks for that Julie, I bought the seeds from a laboratory in Florida, evidently they grow all types of plants which they use for medicines. I thought I was going to lose my dog a couple of weeks ago, pupils were dilated and she was really sleepy. Too..1974 days 8hrs
Red bird of paradisebarbados fence - I have some red bird of paradise seedling which I am about to plant. This plant is also known as "Barbados pride" and "bardados fence" or "dwarf poinciana" Evidently Barbodians form a hedge out of the plant to act as a fence. I am told they grow ..1974 days 18hrs
Flamethrower plam - Any ideas on how to grow a flamethrower palm also known as a watermelon plam..2283 days 20hrs
Goat poo - I can get my hands err shovel on large amounts of goat poo, I have never used it before, do you mix it straight into the soil?, Can too much burn the plant Cheers Frankie..2481 days 8hrs
Onion weed - Avoid the temptation of pulling it out, if you do pull it out it will quickly multiply. Each strand of onion weed has numerous dormant bulbs beneath the surface, pulling the strand out activates these bulbs. All you can do is patiently paint the strands w..2481 days 8hrs
Tree with brillant yellow leaves - Thank you for your response Pauline, the Northern Rivers is Gods country which is North East NSW, specifically the subtropical hinterland west of Byron Bay, Dalleys Nursery is also in that region. The yellow trees are usually between 10 and 15 metres. I w..2484 days 9hrs
Tree with brillant yellow leaves - Usually this time of the year in the Northern Rivers Region I have seen trees that have a brillant canary yellow leaf. A nursery person told me they were probably a "eureka gold" however I can't find any info on them. I am particularly interested in ho..2484 days 16hrs
Avocado23 - Hi Jantina, Yeah I know now, but there is a lot of drainage. Stay tuned, I am going to try Bredans method next week. Regards Frankie..2866 days 17hrs
Avocado23 - Hi Brendan, PH in the clay is 6.5. PH in the hole around the sus avo is 6.0. I just had a thought, the holes in the clay dirt would not drain too well had I filled them with the soil I took out. I didn't use that soil, I used a mixture of course sand,..2866 days 17hrs
Avocado23 - Hi Brendan, That Edranol avo of yours looks great and the slope you have it planted on is about the same slop I have. I'm gonna get me one and plant it on some good (without the kangaroo). Don't need the pineapple, I got a natural bee hive about 2..2867 days 11hrs
Avocado23 - Thanks for the tips. Just to give a bit of history that may save other people from making mistakes. I have a small property in Mcleans Ridges on top of a hill. The ground is red dirt much like Queensland, dig down 500mm and it's hard clay, any further..2868 days 13hrs
Avocado23 - Hi John, Thanks for the advice John, is "complete fertiliser" a brand name or do you mean a fertiliser that has everything. Frankie..2870 days 9hrs
Avocado23 - That sounds like major surgery, my expertise in horticulture is zero compared to yours. When it comes to plants I usually walk around with a blank look on my face. Upon viewing "Amanda's Edible Fruit Trees" my laptop began to shake, obviously the pr..2870 days 10hrs
Figs1 - Hi Amanda, Daleys is not far from where I live, I bought and planted 7 figs, I think 4 had that rusting on the leaf similar to your picture. Took the leaves back to Daleys for an opinion, they said it was fungal and very common in humid areas particula..2870 days 10hrs
Avocado23 - Hi Amanda, Thank you for your response, the stems seem to be OK perhaps it's the photo. I haven't fed them at all, my intention was to feed them with dynamic lifter in early spring. I didn't think there was a need prior to this. The soil here..2870 days 10hrs

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