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PhilTyalgum4's Edible Backyard

Joined: 06/02/11 Updated: 06/02/11 Frost:
Location: Murwillumbah

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

PhilTyalgum4 Forum Contributions
Pummelo - Looks great Adam, even makes us in the subtropics jealous!..2898 days 12hrs
Red bayberry - None of the seeds I planted from the eBay source germinated worse luck, would be interesting to try them from cuttings...2900 days 3hrs
Testing14 - Sometimes I have to delete my own posts for security reasons (eg email addresses) and if a weblink doesn't work or I spell something incorrectly. As long as we can still edit our own posts there shouldn't be any probs with a moderator...2901 days 1hrs
Kiwi fruit2 - You will find they will become a tangled mess if not pruned annually. And you need to open the vines up to allow bees in for pollination. Try and train in to a T shape and remove all growth older than about 1 year, then just allow five or six laterals to ..2901 days 10hrs
Indian almond1 - Soak the seeds in cold water for 24 hours before sowing, you should get a good germination rate...2905 days 7hrs
Cost of peanut butter trees - Yes actually named for the texture rather than any relation to its underground namesake...2906 days 1hrs
Papaya2 - The babaco is probaby your best bet, seems to do well in coastal areas if you can find a spot sheltered from the wind and enrich the soil a little. Mountain pawpaws do ok in Melbourne but are really only decorative...2908 days 4hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - Dylan is it the Pea eggplant or the American paw paw you're after? There seems to be a couple of species running in this thread atm. Phil...2917 days 6hrs
Chaplu leaves in brisbane miangkam - Betel leaf, Piper sarmentosum...2919 days 4hrs
Paw paw - Even the male plants?..2919 days 5hrs
Plants which are toxic to pets and - Most nuts, especially macadamias, shouldn't be fed to dogs - they cause paralysis and locomotory difficulties...2919 days 9hrs
Walnut varieties were to buy - http://www.allansprospect.com.au Has a few grafted varieties listed in Tasmania...2962 days 10hrs
Wa fires - Good to hear all's ok at your place Julie, some devastating footage coming out of the Perth Hills...2966 days 1hrs
Wa fires - Hey guys I hope Julie is ok at Roleystone in WA, seems like another bushfire through that region today. Let us know the situation Julie when you get a chance. Phil...2968 days 3hrs

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