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Poison removal - It's hard to say without knowing what was used. If it was glyphosphate or garlon it's pretty much inactive once it's in the soil. Grazon or other picloram containing herbicides can cause an issue for 2 -9 months, depending on how sensitive the thing is..540 days 3hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - Cheers. I think I have your address somewhere - if not I know I have your email address. I'll send in a week or two - yours might be starting to move by then but mine are sound asleep for a while yet, so grafting should still be fine :)..540 days 4hrs
Which apple variety has the best nutrients - You're overthinking it... the differences will be marginal, especially in the broader context of your overall diet. Plant one you like to eat :) A multigrafted tree that will spread the crop is better, and apples are super-easy to graft, even with i..540 days 4hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - I've killed 2 A kolomikta (males) and an A Pilosula from Yamina... I don't have the Rubicaulis, though i have considered it. I have arguta's growing well though. A red, a green, a male and the issai variety...554 days 23hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - Oh, BTW, someone has kindly sent me a piece of Actinidia melanandra. Gender unknown but I'm prepared to risk it (hopefully a female that my other males can pollinate). Are you interested, or you have enough Kiwi?..560 days 0hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - Thanks Ally! I'll track some down. I was thinking it might also help with hard to root cuttings, to keep the wood from drying out. Worth a try anyway. I meant to add that I had the same experience with the Waynes this year - reasonably edible withou..560 days 0hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - Just reporting that grafts from both of you took nicely, though the wrapped ones took a little while to break through but then took off faster. Ally, can you clarify whether the pieces you sent me were wrapped in Florists paraffin tape or pieces or lat..566 days 4hrs
Betel leaf - I wish these scammers would knock it off... I got some from a fruit and veg shop and started cuttings in water. Many of them rooted and I'll grow them as house plants. Try a fruit and veg shop in a Vietnamese area, or even ask at at a Vietnamese res..818 days 5hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - We'll see in a couple of years i guess Ally Hopefully the male will have a long flowering period and you'll get a crop after all :)..856 days 19hrs
Red bayberry - Renaissance herbs. Good luck :)..904 days 23hrs
Red bayberry - Oh wow, there's a coincidence... exactly one year from my comment above :)..909 days 7hrs
Red bayberry - There have been some available (seed grown) in Nurseries in Victoria the past year or so, though I've only seen them in one place. The were from one of the relatively well known propagators too. Will try and remember to check the labels when I get home..909 days 7hrs
Growing advice - Toughest citrus out there I reckon. They will probably appreciate afternoon shade but even then not essential from what i've seen. They are reasonably common in nurseries now but come with a hefty price tag. I've seen small plants for $60 They Daley..914 days 1hrs
Growing kiwi from seed - I tried the red ones this year - I thought they were quite nice. I've kept one for seed as well :)..914 days 2hrs
Nanking cherry prunus tomentosa - My cherries have all taken several years to fruit and chill is definitely not an issue for me :D Don't be discouraged if they take few years...923 days 5hrs

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