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Poison Removal?

    2 responses

Tree Lea starts with ...
Help! Three tiered garden bed. Middle bed had soil removed after some large trees were poisoned and died. Middle bed is doing well. But .... Some tree roots remain in the other two beds and the original soil. I didn't do the poisoning so no idea what they used :-( Was done a little over 12 months ago.
My questions are ......
1. is soil removal the only option as removal and disposal would be a costly option for my client :-(
2. Would a large plastic pot dug in with fresh soil and new plant survive long enough for the poison it breakdown/disperse?
3. Is there anything I can add to the soil to neutralise the poison or help the plants be buffered from it long enough for the poison to breakdown?

Any words of wisdom or advise greatly appreciated.
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Tree Lea
Hampton Park
22nd July 2017 11:53am
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BenW says...
It's hard to say without knowing what was used.

If it was glyphosphate or garlon it's pretty much inactive once it's in the soil. Grazon or other picloram containing herbicides can cause an issue for 2 -9 months, depending on how sensitive the thing is you are replanting.

I'm not aware of any products they are likely to have used that are likely to cause an issue.
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1st August 2017 2:53pm
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jensen says...
Slightly different poison-question:
So, Round-Up does not poison the soil.
But, what about diesel oil or sump oil?
(Sprayed on the fence line. ...?)
-For the sake of 'good neighbourhood feelings' I do not want to raise the question, but all the cuttings that were supposed to be a hedge die, while similar cuttings are reasonably successful in other places of the garden. ...

About the Author
7th September 2017 1:32am
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