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Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022
Bare root fruit trees last chance for 2022Gardening AustraliaJuicy MangoAstringent and non-astringent varieties

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Sloe berries - I'll see how the season pans out Tony, It's not a big crop around my way this year but I will have a better idea in about a month. If you leave your email address I will get back to you. Sean..3460 days 1hrs
Rangpur lime - Just thought I would update on some budwood Brad was kind enough to send to me. Flowering nicely now as you can see. Also I saw some Mandarin Limes for sale at Bunnings today, I wonder if these aren't in actual fact Rangpurs?..3518 days 5hrs
An interesting conversation with pacific fresh - Really, I can't get enough of them, very sweet with a really zingy taste, you must have got a bad batch. ..3611 days 17hrs
An interesting conversation with pacific fresh - Hi John, You have done a fantastic job getting those seedlings to that size so quickly. Have you considered grafting them onto an established Citrus tree? You should have fruit in no time doing that. Also I noticed that one of your seedlings is a bit tho..3611 days 20hrs
Persimmon not growing1 - Try giving it lots of water, I find Persimmons love a good for regular drink. Does your plant have any leaves? Maybe a photo would be useful.seeing that it has your child's placenta it's put a bit more importance on keeping it alive. ..3778 days 3hrs

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Rangpur lime - I am fairly certain the mandarin limes are marketing name for the rangpurs. I recall checking the supplier website and did some cross reference on the scientific name. Good on you for getting the flowers and hope you get some fruits soon. ..Liked Answer 3515 days 7hrs

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