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Location: Sydney

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Tommoz Forum Contributions
Finger limes26 - Hi Lisa-maree. You can espalier most things, including citrus. You generally need some kind of lattice or trellis in place to tie down growth of plant to the 2D plane. You want to encourage lateral growth. I actually have a finger lime that has naturally..850 days 4hrs
Pollination of rockmelons - Why use a paintbrush? Just rip off a male flower and make that your 'paintbrush'. Rub that against a female flower (They have a small swollen primitive fruit behind them). Do this in the morning when the pollen is fresh...913 days 20hrs
Haskap berry - @Joel15 Which varieties and which nurseries do you think are in question? ..920 days 2hrs
Seeking feijoa fruit - I believe Leon Wilson had over a hundred trees out near Penrith. leon.wilson@pf1.com.au or get a shipment from hinterlandfeijoas.com.au. They are on the Sunshine Coast and the season starts in March...957 days 2hrs
Growing kiwi from seed - Ally, you might want to look into getting a male arguta from Yamina...959 days 24hrs
Ice cream bean - There are plenty of inga that will fruit in a 100L pot. A friend has five different species, not sure on some of the IDs though. Inga vulpina and Inga congesta easily could, the latter grows to about 1m tall when mature. Edit: Stacey email me tommoz@li..968 days 24hrs
Best feijoas for pots in melbourne - I would get the Unique, it is smaller and so better suited to pot culture. It is also self-fertile and should set fruit by itself, although hand-pollinating will increase fruit set...997 days 17hrs
Apricot tree10 - It probably is still dormant because it hasn't received enough winter chill, which all stone fruit need. I don't think a Moorpark will ever fruit in Avoca Beach as it is too warm. You might have luck with a low-chill apricot seedling http://www.daleysfrui..1016 days 10hrs
Low chill kiwifruit male - I have the Forbidden Fruit male which is meant to be low chill...1074 days 23hrs
Starfruit trees - You could tell which ones the Sri Kembangan are by looking at the flowers. They flower when the plant is still very young, so you shouldn't have to wait long. They'll have a short style, but the flowers are very small so you'll need a keen eye or magnific..1111 days 22hrs
Tropical fruits for canberra - GG, I believe you can fruit a cherry tree in Lindfield. Get the Minnie Royal/Royal Lee double graft. Others have been pessimistic about its prospects but I am quite confident.....1115 days 20hrs
Which specific variety of plum - Mariposa and Satsumi are Japanese plums but I believe they fit the bill for your specs...1116 days 23hrs
Tropical fruits for canberra - You might consider Cherry of the Rio Grande, Kwai Muk, White Sapote, Asimina Triloba, fig, cherimoya, Pitanga/Suriname Cherry, Mexican Guava, Luc's Mangosteen to be 'tropical fruits' because they are a bit exotic and the taste is comparable, although they..1117 days 23hrs
Cider apples1 - Check out Pete the Permie, he has hundreds of apple varieties. He lists 27 cider varieties for his scion wood list, but he probably offers more. He'd know which one is low chill, or maybe you can do more research. http://www.petethepermie.com/fruit/apple-..1121 days 20hrs
Bramleys seedling apple - Woodbridge Fruit Trees in Tasmania and Mt Telopea Nursery (Pete the Permie) in Victoria offer it and they mail order. ..1122 days 16hrs

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