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Roborthudson's Edible Backyard

Joined: 03/01/13 Updated: 03/01/13 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Roborthudson Forum Contributions
What is your gardening style - Gardening style differs from person to person but there are some common like watering regularly, control weeds, use of fertilizers, soil test, water regulation system etc. I always make use of coco peat for my garden, it's an organic soil derived from..2090 days 17hrs
Preparing soil blueberries - Agree with starling - Coco peat is one of the best organic soil for any type of garden plants and vegetable growth. It has a great capacity to hold more water for a longer period of time and provide required ingredients for proper plant growth. Coco pe..2096 days 14hrs
Tips for raising seeds - You can use something else for heating purpose. But choose anything that overheat. This will badly harm your plants...2277 days 17hrs
Germinating achacha - You are right john.It takes some time to germinate.You can use structure of coco peat, it is useful for the soil conditioning and the coco peat is having a slow degradation rate so that it is used in the growth of the plants. ..2288 days 18hrs
Months old papaya by mrf biocompressed planting - Yes, organic fertilizers are better to use with plants. They are natural and does not cause harm to plant and also had many useful minerals...2316 days 12hrs
Tips for raising seeds - Hi Friends, The information given by Charles is very informative. I also had a same problem. I used this method its workings. I find it helpful. Thanks Charles for an informative post. ..2344 days 13hrs
Beginner needs help soil preparation - Hi Friends, I tried all the tricks to make the soil more fertile. I used different chemical and everything. My friend suggested me Bioactive Cocopeat I mixed it with soil and I find it very helpful In the growth of the plant. ..2348 days 14hrs
Chilli plants1 - Hi John, I might be possible that the soil in which you are planting chilli is less fertile. You can use organic fertilizers to increase the fertility of soil. ..2351 days 11hrs
Coir disappointment - You can use cocopeat blocks, they are great water absorbing and have nutrients, which hold the water and soil. Its Ph is balanced...2364 days 11hrs

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