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KeepitReal's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/05/13 Updated: 01/05/13 Frost:
Location: Reality

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

KeepitReal Forum Contributions
Fungal attack - Phos acid is really only effective against Phytophthora...2168 days 11hrs
Apple tree pests - Lebaycid is overkill. Not sure it is even suitable for woolly aphid. APVMA review has banned use on food producing plants/trees. Peter Cundall recommends painting them with metho..2183 days 21hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Clay soil is not poor soil. It's richer in minerals than sand (practically nothing). Inner west would have marginal chilling, so except for low chill varieties, pome and stone fruit are dicey propositions. Yes, for subtropical fruits, closer to the coas..2184 days 16hrs
Blueberry burst - Apricots and plums are both prunus. Better pull out the tangelo then because that's a manipulated grapefruit mandarin cross...2187 days 9hrs
Anzac peach chill hours - Royal lee and Minnie royal haven't been officially released by Flemings. From experience in the USA they appear not to overlap flowering consistently...2194 days 14hrs
Daisy mandarin - Portland VIC, the citrus capital of Australia! Perhaps all that alumininum is affecting your taste buds. The problem with Daisy is not the seeds. Honey Murcotts are popular in SEAsia and the seeds aren't a problem. The problem with Daisy is very much ..2195 days 22hrs
Babaco trees - Too right dr. Babaco flogged to unsuspecting cooler climate folks as a paw paw substitute. Insipid fruit...2208 days 22hrs
Worm farms - Worm farms are a hoax. Worms belong in the soil. It is there where they benefit by increasing soil fertility and transporting nutrients to the root zone of plants. Compost worms compared to a compost tumbler is a lot of work. Can't add this and can't a..2212 days 19hrs

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